Everything you love about meat while taking care of the planet

how did we get there?

Nowadays, the meat production has to change to make our global food system sustainable: it is responsible of 14.5% of global gas emissions, 63% of the deforastation in the Amazon. Greenhouse gas emission from the meat production industry stands for more than the ones from transports. Once we were aware of that, we decided to act.

There was no hesitation !

After several years watching those figures skyrocketing, Guillaume Dubois and Cedric Meston decided to create Les Nouveaux Fermiers. They aim at offering a new type of meat, a meat without meat, a meat made with only plants.We stand for dietary diversification & we believe our products are offering a new way to reduce our meat consumption while having one of the best culinary experience.

Since 2019, we have been working hard to create new products. We made them for the love of meat, from its taste to its smell, but also with a goal to offer healthier options for us and the planet .


Make plant-based meat accessible for everyone

Changing our food system in France and for everyone.

We are from diverse backgrounds, to create products for you

to help each and everyone of you reduce your meat consumption.

We are not the only one willing to recreate the next sustainable food system

Better feed the planet, this is what guides us. This is not only a dream, this is something we are doing with people helping us shape this new gourmet culinary journey. 

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Are you ready to take part in our journey ?