French gourmet plant-based meat

We are the first to create meat only from plants. A new alimentation, respectful of health and better for the planet.

Our French gourmet products
100% plant-based

Gourmet plant based meat patty

Plant-based & gourmet patty

Gourmet plant based chicken chunks

Plant-based gourmet chicken

Gourmet plant based nuggets

Golden nuggets shining bright !

Gourmet plant based minced meat

that doesn’t chop anyone!

Gourmet plant based chicken chunks style Piment

hot as the sun

Gourmet plant based chicken chunks style Thai

that perfume your plate!

    100% plant-based meat,
    in France

    When we switch from animal to vegetable meat, we keep the same gourmet pleasure and decide to have a positive impact on our health and for the preservation of our planet.

    We have launched a production line in France to manufacture vegetable alternatives that take up the codes of meat. A production that enhances the value of our French territory.

    Our products are rich in proteins, and proteins contribute to maintaining muscle mass. We offer a varied and balanced diet that goes hand in hand with healthy lifestyles.

    Our products represent 11 times less CO2 and up to 10 times less water than animal meat.

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